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               If this is invitational, on the theory that we just have to play 2♠ on the 4-3
        fit, so that responder has a way to show game interest with a diamond fit? Or is it
        showing say 4-5 in spades and diamonds, trying to play the partial in the much
        better fit?
               There is no clear best answer here. I have a slight preference for the
        ‘invitational’ agreement, but decide with your partner which you prefer.

        8. What actions can opener take having started with a

        Support Double or Redouble?

               I think you might find the ‘take-out double’ analogy helpful once again. If
        opener has a normal hand, 12-14 balanced, he will pass any non-forcing bid. And
        he will consider whether to accept an invitational bid.
               If opener has a shape hand, his range is wide. With a minimum he will
        pass non-forcing bids, but have more interest in invitational bids (if 3NT isn’t the
        main target). With shape and extra values, opener must consider bidding again
        even over a non-forcing response. The best idea normally is to bid naturally and
        leave the rest to responder:

               1♦  -   (Pass)  - 1♠  -  (2♥)
           Double - (Pass) - 2♠ -  (Pass)

                      1.                      2.                      3.                       4.
                                                       ♠ K87
                                                                         ♠ K93
                                       ♠ A103
                     ♠ A103
                     ♥ 3               ♥ 3             ♥ 87              ♥ 75
                     ♦ AQ1073          ♦ AKJ75         ♦ AKJ976          ♦ AKQ976
                     ♣ Q983            ♣ K983          ♣ AQ3             ♣ AQ

               With hand 1 pass 2♠. You have a little extra considering the shape but not
        enough to bid again.
               With hand 2 bid 3♣. This shows extra strength and is natural, so expect
        3-1-5-4 and about a good 14-17 HCP.
               With hand 3 bid 3♦. This shows six diamonds and extras. HCP is less
        clear with a long suit but you should have some interest in hearing partner bid
        3NT if he can.
               Hand 4 is too strong for 3♦ so should cuebid 3♥, showing a game forcing

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