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               Hand 1 should bid 2♥. Bidding 2♠ would show 4-4, but would be forcing
        one round and at least invitational. Opener will be aware you might have only
        four hearts and not a good hand necessarily either.
               Hand 2 should bid 2♦. A 1♦ opening has at least four cards unless 4-4-3-2
        distribution.  When opener shows three hearts, he must have at least four diamonds
        and might have more. Since your hearts are weak, why not try for a better fit in
               There is another possibility after a two-level overcall: passing and converting
        to penalty. You might be tempted to do this with balanced hands that have only
        four of the major because you don’t like the alternatives, but I recommend doing
        so only when you have some real defense against their contract. The deal below
        is real, but from many years ago:
                West Dealer                            ♥KQ83
                All Vulnerable                         ♦52
                                  ♠A108                               ♠ KJ82
                                  ♥A10762                           ♥ -
                                               W      E
                                  ♦6                                      ♦Q98743
                                  ♣A532                               ♣K84
             West  North  East  South
               1♥    Pass     1♠       2♦
            Double      All Pass

                Of course the 2♦ overcall was pretty crazy, but it was made by a well
        known player who is still in action today. My partner led the ♥A and we proceeded
        to get three heart ruffs, three spades, the ♥A and ♣A and king. Then with four
        cards left we led a club and declarer had to ruff it and give up the ♦Q, +1400!
                Of course you don’t need this much to pass a Support Double. Five
        trumps will do or four trumps and some defense. You might consider with three
        trumps and balanced with 11+ HCP but that is dangerous if LHO is not a frivolous
               There is one more point of theory about responder’s rebid that even
        experts disagree on:

             1♦  -  (Pass)  -  1♠  -  (2♥)
          Double - (Pass) - 3♦

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