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               “Playing with the Robots”

                       People ask me how I stand playing with the robots in
         ACBL tournaments on BBO (Bridge Base Online.)  They don’t always

         show support when they should. They pull penalty doubles constantly.
         Their defense can be less than adequate. They can be infuriating. In
         other words, they can behave just like any human partner you may

         have. The one thing the robots have going for them is that they are
         consistent and knowing their rules helps a lot during the auction.

                First, you should know that the ACBL Robot tournaments are
         Best Hand. That means the human player has the best hand at the
         table. All three other hands have fewer high-card points than the human

         but the robots’ distribution is random. This means that your making a
         light invitation or raise is generally a bad idea.

                Second, you can tell what the robots’ bids mean by hovering
         your mouse over their bid in the auction and you can tell how the

         robot will interpret your next bid by hovering your mouse over the bid
         you want to make in the bidding box. If you want to double the opponents

         for penalty, but the robot shows that they think it is a takeout double,
         the robot will take it out. If you want to jump to game on a light hand,
         or a long suit, but the robot shows they think the bid shows you have

         22+ points, the robot will act like you have a big hand and continue
         bidding. Simply put, if you don’t have what the robots think your bid

         shows, don’t bid it.
                Third, the robots can become a bit confused on defense. For

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