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            Shows a five-card or longer major suit over a 1NT/2NT opening bid.
         6. Splinter Bids
            Shows four-card or better support for the opener’s major suit with 9-12
            high card points and a singleton or void in the bid suit.
         Opener’s Major Suit Conventions
         1. Support (Re)Doubles
             Shows exactly three-card support for the responder’s suit after an
             opponent’s overcall or double.
         2. Splinter Bids
             Shows four-card support for the responder’s major suit with a game-forcing
             hand and a singleton or void in the bid suit.
         Responder’s Minor Suit Fit Conventions
         1. Inverted Minors
            Shows a good fit for the opener’s minor suit while denying a four-card
         or longer major and promises an invitational or better hand.
         2. Minor Suit Transfers
            Shows a six-card or longer minor suit over a 1NT opening bid.
         Slam Conventions
         1. RKC 3014
            This is a “Key Card” asking bid. Key cards include the four Aces and the
            King of Trumps.
         2. Gerber
            This asks for Aces over a 1NT/2NT opening bid.
         3. Quantitative 4NT
            This asks the No Trump bidder to bid slam with a maximum hand.
                These conventions are all that the basic Bridge player needs to
         know to be a successful bidder. Of course, there is an almost unlimited
         number of conventions that can be learned. But the truth is that they are
         unneeded by most Bridge players and only lead to confusion. Now, let’s
         learn them!

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