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                         Be a Better Bidder

                Bridge is easy or at least it can be. If you want your auctions to be
         accurate all you need to do is to follow a few simple rules, learn the basic
         conventions, and be consistent.
         Bidding Rules
         1. Open opening hands.
            Open hands that have 12 or more total points. Total points include high
            card points and one point for each card 5th and longer in any suit.
         2. Preempt with preemptive hands.
            If your hand is preemptive, make a preemptive bid. This means that if
            you have a decent six-card or longer suit, make a preemptive bid. Don’t
            let a side four-card major suit stop you from making a preemptive bid.
         3. Look for major suit fits first, then No Trump, then a minor.
            Most conventions are geared towards finding 5/3 and 5/4 major-suit fits.
            Learn those conventions and use them. After you have ruled out a
            major-suit fit, choose a No Trump contract when you have a balanced
            hand or your partner has suggested playing in No Trump. Only settle for
            a minor-suit contract when you have ruled out a major-suit fit and
            cannot bid No Trump.
         Responder’s Major Suit Fit Conventions
         1. New Minor Forcing
            Helps find 5/3 and 4/4 major-suit fits while showing invitational or
            stronger hands. The opener will respond by showing four cards in the
            unbid major, three-card support for your major, or neither, while showing
            minimum or maximum values.
         2. Fourth Suit Forcing
            Helps find 5/3 major suit fits when three suits have already been bid
            while promising an invitational or better hand.
         3. Jacoby 2NT
            Shows a four-card or better fit with the opener’s major suit with 13 or
            more high card points.
         4. Stayman
            Helps to find 4/4 or better major-suit fits over a 1NT/2NT opening bid.
         5. Jacoby Transfers

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