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                 October is Jane Johnson Club Appreciation month each
                 Jane was a stalwart at ACBL headquarters. She served
         clubs and members and their needs for many years.
                 We recognize and give thanks for Jane’s good efforts by
         classifying about half of our games this month as Club
         Appreciation games which give players extra points at no extra

                 We all should take this opportunity to express our
         appreciation to the many who make the St. Petersburg Bridge
         Club what it is. Those who direct games, those on the Board of
         Directors, those who look after hospitality, those who help
         clean up, those who help with check-in when needed, those
         who fill in to help create full tables all make contributions.

                 What is more, all of you who warmly greet and assist our
         many visitors and those new to the club also help to create and
         sustain our club’s welcoming and friendly atmosphere.
                 Thank you to all!

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