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        add a trump and compete accordingly. If you don’t have an extra trump, but you
        have a singleton AND a side suit of five cards or longer, add trump and compete
        accordingly. (Hint: with two strikes against me - no singleton/void AND vulnerable,
        I mentally subtract a trump before I bid up another level.)
               Forget about your points. They are immaterial. If you have those precious
        points and really want to bid, perhaps you can . . .

        B) DOUBLE!

               If you are the strong hand, double with “book.’’ Four tricks if the opponents
        are at the three-level and five tricks if they are at the two-level. You are telling
        your partner that he can safely leave the double in if he can contribute a trick.
        If you are under the gun as the weak hand, double with two tricks. In theory, this
        could be as few as ONE point (JT9xx of the opponents’ suit.)
               Remember your partner cannot expect more than this after you have limited
        your bid to 9 points or so.
               Once again, forget about points. If you don’t have tricks, don’t double. If
        spades is our suit, I will double their 3♥ bid with ♠xxx, ♥QJx, ♦Axx, ♣xxxx (seven
        points) but with ♠AQx, ♥xxx, ♦Qxxx, ♣Jxx (nine points) I will pass. I will NOT
        count the King of our suit as a trick, it is too likely one of the opponents has a

        C) PASS!

               You will pass MOST of the time. For some of you type A personalities, this
        will be difficult. But if you cannot bid (which takes distribution) or double (which
        takes tricks), then make a DESCRIPTIVE pass. You have a partner, and your
        partner will have the information that he needs to make a better guess than he
        would normally have.

               Now let’s talk about partner’s decision . . . he is in the pass-out seat; the
        hand that is NOT under the gun. He will have MUCH more information, and he
        has four choices:

        A) He can make an intelligent decision to bid on. He might have an extra trump
        himself. He might have a side suit of five or more cards. He might be pulling your
        double because he does not have sufficient tricks to leave it in. Or they might be

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