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               In my last doubling article, I stressed how important it is to double part
        scores at match points. Letting the opponents outbid you and collect bushels of
        matchpoints even when they don’t make their contract is a sure way to avoid the
        winner’s circle. You MUST double in order to be successful. In this article, I hope
        to help you by providing you with a system for intelligent doubling. Please
        understand in advance that I am only trying to help you play the odds. If you are
        not getting an occasional minus -470 (or worse!) you are not doubling enough.
               I need to start with some definitions. The “strong” hand will be the hand
        that opened or overcalled and may still be fairly good. The “weak” hand will be
        the hand that made a simple raise (or bid 1NT) and has limited their high-card
        points to around 9. The hand that is “under the gun” is the hand that makes the
        first decision/description at the three-level. The partner of the under the gun hand
        will be in the passout seat.
               Let’s say the auction goes 1S by you, 2C by LHO, 2S by partner, 3C by
        RHO. You are the strong hand, your partner is the weak hand, and you are the
        strong hand under the gun . . . it’s your turn to bid. If the auction goes 1H by partner,
        Dbl by RHO, 2H by you, Dbl by LHO, Pass by partner, 3D by RHO then you are
        still under the gun, but as the weak hand. If they balance - 1S by partner, Pass by
        RHO, 2S by you, Pass, Pass, 3H by RHO - you are under the gun as the weak
        hand again.
               It is the job of the “under the gun” hand to DESCRIBE, not DECIDE. This
        is how you can do it:

        A) BID!

        If you have an “extra” trump, giving your side a total of nine for the three-level (or
        ten for the four level), compete. If you don’t have an extra trump, but have a void,

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