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        and Bell. West Coast vs. East Coast. Our club still had a chance to capture the
        District 9 GNT C stratification title.
               Would Team Scher be winging their way to Toronto? At the half, Team
        Scher led by 5 points. Tension was high. Both teams posed for photographs be-
        fore heading into the last 12 decisive boards. But, the outcome was never in
        doubt. Team Scher won handily in the second half.
            District 9 champions two years in a row for St. Petersburg!
               Congratulations to Mike Scher, Athena Gordon, Trisha Muniz and Bruce
        Maier on a well deserved win. They practiced as a team and they were ready to
        take the crown. We are proud of their accomplishment.

               L-R: Dee Kirkbride,                                     L-R: Diane Fitzgibbon,
                 Steve Caplan,                                             Pat Banfield,
                 Jack Sieling,                                            not present yet,
                    Roy Zell                                            Lydia & Mike Jacobs

                                                                        L-R: Pat McKittrick,
                                                                           Herb Gould,
                                                                        Marty Fleischman,
                                                                          Claudia Maricle

                                                                               L-R: Mike Scher,
          The C Strata                                                          Athena Gordon,
         GNT Winners!                                                            Trisha Muniz
                                                                                 Bruce Maier.

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