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               One of the interesting outcomes of District 9’s GNT Finals for the A and C
        stratifications played at the St. Petersburg Bridge Club is that the winning team in
        the C stratification were players from the Club for the second year in a row.
               Last year, Marty Fleischman, Herb Gould, Mike and Lydia Jacobs tri-
        umphed and earned trips to Washington for the National Finals.
               This year, there were six teams registered for the event and 3 1/2 of
        these teams were from the St. Petersburg Bridge Club. Our chances for a repeat
        seemed good at the outset.
               Two of our teams were Team Scher (Mike Scher, Athena Gordon, Bruce
        Maier and Trisha Muniz) and Team McKittrick (Pat McKittrick, Claudia Maricle,
        Marty Fleischman and Herb Gould). The 3rd team (Team Banfield) developed
        when Pat Banfield and Diane Fitzgibbon arrived, not realizing it was a team
        game. Mike and Lydia Jacobs filled in on a last minute
               The half team (Team Zell) included Roy Zell and Jack Sieling, along with
        Steve Caplan and Dee Kirkbride from Boca Raton.
               After the first round, 4 teams remained - Scher, Banfield, Zell and a team
        from Fort Lauderdale (Team Bell).
               The second round was played at 7 PM Saturday evening. When the last
        results were in, Team Scher had defeated Team Zell, while Team Bell outpaced
        Team Banfield.
               That set the stage for a showdown on Sunday morning between Scher

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