Page 3 - may-2017
P. 3


                I was playing bridge a few weeks ago and things were
         not going so well. I told our opponents that we would be
         lucky to get to 40%. They responded by saying that it was

         “just a game.”
                They were right and they were wrong.

                They were right in that the game itself is just that and
         nothing of significance in our lives is dependent on placing
         first or last or somewhere in between. But, they were wrong in

         that playing bridge at the club is much more than just a game.
         All that happens and all the interactions that take place before,

         during and after play create a social atmosphere which
         engenders and nurtures friendship and the caring for those
         around you.

                We come to play bridge. But day by day we leave the
         richer for the people we meet.
                See you at the club!
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