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        notrump should actually look like After RHO opens lNT, holding:
        ♠KJ9 ♥AQ5 ♦KJ84 ♣Q53, I would not consider doubling
        unless partner winked at me and told me which of my four suits
        he held five cards or more including one of the high honors. Just
        pass, and hope to go plus.
               However, holding: ♠KQJ1063 ♥A3 ♦Q107 ♣A6, I would

        consider this a clear-cut penalty double. The opponents are
        unlikely to sit for 1NT doubled, but if they do, I'm pretty sure
        they're going down. If they run to a new suit, I can always bid
        spades now, clarifying the nature of my very strong hand.
               Notice on the first example, with no clear-cut lead, why
        would I double, announcing where the strength was? If partner
        has something, they're going down. If partner has nothing, at

        least we don't enter the auction and get doubled in whatever
        contract we end up in.
               When you do face a penatly double, there are many different
        options available, but a relatively simple agreement is as follows,
        which is basically Systems On:
               1) An immediate bid of 2♣ is Staymanish. For instance,
        holding: ♠7642 ♥QJ5 ♦J8643 ♣5 bid "Stayman," and pass
        any response opener makes. We might be in trouble but we are
        probably in less trouble playing in a suit contract.

               2) The immediate bids of 2♦ or 2♥ remain as transfers.
        With a weak hand, and a five-card or longer major, scamper to
        the hoped-for safety of your five-card or longer suit. Holding:
        ♠853 ♥Q7532 ♦10874 ♣3, transfer to hearts.
               3) A redouble asks the opening no trump bidder to bid
        2♣,which you will either pass, holding long clubs, or convert to 2♦,
        holding long diamonds. If the opening no trump bidder has a

        good five-card suit of his own, he is permitted to bid it, but does
        so at his own peril. The hand in your question would qualify for a
        redouble, planning to pass partner's 2♣ bid.
               If you hold moderate, balanced values, you can pass and
        hope the opponents have made a mistake. Perhaps something

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