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        Hi Jerry,
               We had a terrible result on a hand the other night, and I
        realize I have no idea how to handle the situation when it comes
        up again. I'd appreciate your advice.
               Partner opens 1NT (15-17) and my RHO doubles (equal

        value hand). My hand was: ♠43 ♥Q7 ♦8754 ♣J9765.
               I thought my choices were either pass or redouble (SOS).
        I passed. LHO smiled as he passed. Partner shrugged and
        passed. We were down three. My hand might have been: ♠43 ♥ J7
        ♦87 54 ♣AQ965 in which case we would be fine.
               Because the most I could hold would be 10 points, how do
        I tell partner whether I have zero, 10, or somewhere in between?
        I've been told that I should always pass the double, but that
        doesn't seem right, because that leaves partner totally in the

        dark. Is a redouble by me really SOS or does that bid belong to
        the notrumper? Have I overlooked another possibility?
               Final question: Why do we torture ourselves with this game?

        Hi TF,
               As always, any partnership agreement is always superior

        to no agreement! Some of your opponents, including many top-
        flight players, do not think a penalty double of a strong notrump
        occurs with enough frequency to merit its inclusion, preferring
        instead to use double as some type of conventional takeout.
        Since others, including myself, do like the double as penalty, it
        may be relevant to point out what a penalty double of a strong

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