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                When your opponents have opened the bidding, in order
         for you to bid a suit, you must have a decent quality 5-card suit.
         If you only have 8-12 points (definitely not much of a hand) then
         you must have a sterling quality suit, one that you desperately
         want your partner to lead such as AKxxx or KQxxx  i.e., 2 of the
         top 3 honors. OR a 5-card suit with 3 of the top 5 honors e.g.,

         QJ10xx If you have 13 or more points, you do not have to have
         such a great quality suit, but you still must have five cards in it.
         As you know, this bid is called an overcall. At the one level, you
         need 8 or more points but at the 2 level, you must have close to
         an opening bid at least. So, what in the world do you do with this
         hand: ♠KQxx ♥KJxx ♦Axxx ♣x Suppose the opponent on your
         right has opened the bidding with 1♣. If you bid 1♠, you will be
         promising a good 5 card suit. What’s more, partner will inevitably
         have a singleton spade and a bunch of hearts. Bidding hearts
         or diamonds is equally wrong. The solution is to make partner
         pick the suit, by making a takeout double. You say double and
         partner is forced to bid now. Note that the fewer cards that you
         own in the opponents' suit, as the doubler, the more cards you
         will have in all the other suits. Partner is being forced to bid, so
         the more cards you have in the suits partner will choose from,
         the more useful your hand will be as a dummy. RESPONSES
         TO THE TAKEOUT DOUBLE: When partner makes a takeout
         double, you must respond and may not pass. However, if your
         RHO (right hand opponent) makes a bid, then the pressure is off,
         and you no longer need to respond. If you do respond after an
         intervening bid, you are now promising 8+ points. Since you are

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