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                 Let's begin with this:  I goofed last month!!! After 6 years
          of compiling articles from all over the world (6x12x4=288 -
          approximately 288 articles), from people who have ALL allowed
          for me to do so . . . I repeated an article!!!  It was NOT on
          purpose and I do so humbly apologize to all of you folks . . . at
          least it was a good article . . . but I was "told-on" by someone
          I don't even know!!!  I AM SORRY!!!!!  One time in 6 years . . .
          well, not perfect, but I guess that's the same as going down 1
          . . . maybe 2!!!
                 Ok . . . the St. Petersburg Bridge Club may be opening
          in 7-8 weeks!!!!!  That's WONDERFUL NEWS for all of us!  I
          do so miss all of you folks, and the card games, as well!
                 Right now there is a Sectional Tournament scheduled for us
          in September 2021 so let's hope that one starts us off well.
          I will be playing at that one, so I hope to see all of you folks
          there as well!
                 In the meantime be sure to see Merry Schainblatt class
          online . . . and be sure to visit the SPBC's games on BBO!!!
                 Ok folks . . . enjoy the February issue of the SPBC
          bulletin and keep you and your family safe and we will see
          each other kinda soon like nothing ever happened!!!

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