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                                ♠J4                         ♠932
                                ♥K1072            N         ♥A95
                                              W     E
                                ♦10854            S         ♦K73
                                ♣762                        ♣Q1043
                      N    E    S    W        ♥843
                      1N   P    2C   P
                      2S   P    4S   P        ♦AJ6
                      P    P                  ♣J95

               On this auction, East led a trump. Declarer tried but could only manage to
        take 9 tricks even though the Diamond finesse worked. However NS did not own
        the ♦10 so had to lose 1 Diamond, 2 Hearts and one Club.

            Down one!

               After the hand was over, NS realized that while they could not make 4♠,
        but they could have made 3NT. So, they pondered, what went wrong.
               Just because you have a tool in your shed, it doesn’t mean that you have
        to use it - no matter what. South used Stayman just because he owned a 4 card
        major. He failed to consider that with a perfectly balanced hand and NO ruffing
        values (short suits) that it would be easier to make 9 tricks in 3NT than 10 tricks
        in a major.

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