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                I know that it is the middle of summer and that we should be
         relaxing. However, as we look ahead, there is much planning underway
         in anticipation of providing a new, great bridge season with something
         for all.
                The Labor Day sectional tournament is less than a month
         away. Soon after that in late September, we have our 499er

                Plans for bridge classes and lessons are being made. We will
         have another opportunity to offer to new and returning bridge players
         our popular  “Learn Bridge in a Day” program on Saturday,
         September 28.
                We have begun to put our seminar offerings in place and are
         pleased to announce that Larry Cohen will be joining us on Friday,
         February 7. Save that date on your calendar.

                Much more will be added to the schedule. Look for chances
         to participate and, if possible for opportunities to volunteer to help at
         some of these events. That way, both the club and you will benefit.

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