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               In the last year Andrew Garnett, our club member, bridge professional,
        teacher and now author, published six books on bridge. Each is a comprehensive
        guide which teaches the developing intermediate-level player the modern tech-
        niques used by experienced players. To date, two of his books have been re-
        viewed in the ACBL’s Bridge Bulletin: “Defensive Communications” in December
        2016, and “Major Suit Raises” in July 2017. Both have received positive reviews
        and are welcomed additions to the genre.
               Andrew’s knowledge of the game and ability to describe difficult concepts
        in clear language have made him valued as a teacher. This skill has led to
        invitations to share his knowledge in seminars in other clubs as well as our own.
        In September, he has been invited by ACBL Unit 374 to present four different
        seminars in Albuquerque, New Mexico. We are fortunate that he is able to offer
                                                                 two of these seminars at our
                                                                        On July 28, Andy shared
                                                                 his perspective on defense
                                                                 in a Friday morning seminar
                                                                 entitled “Defensive Strate-
                                                                 gies and Tactics.”
                                                                          Yet to come, he will
                                                                 discuss “Hand Evaluation
                                                                 and Re-Evaluation”
                                                                 techniques on Friday,
                                                                 August 18. If you missed
                                                                 the July seminar you will
                                                                 not want to miss his August
                                                                 presentation. To review all
        of Andrew’s publications, visit his website
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