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               In the June 15, 2015, issue of the Bulletin we described how
        the boards are made for our multiple games each week, giving credit
        to Nicci Drof (granddaughter of club member Shirley Drof) who has
        been working diligently as our “Chairman of the Boards” since she
        was in the seventh grade.
               At this time Nicci is responsible for assuring that we have the
        correct boards for 13 or more “Common Games” games each week
        and the correct number of sets per game. In addition she makes all
        the boards for our multiple tournaments every year. Without Nicci’s
        responsible and close attention to detail for the last 11 years and her
        close to two thousand hours of work we would have a hard time
        functioning as a club.
                                         We thank Nicci for her continuing support
                                   of the club and congratulate her on completing
                                   the college work which has recently led to her
                                   graduation with two degrees enabling future
                                   employment in Forensics and Crime Scene
                                   Investigation as well as in Homeland Security.
                                   She has worked for the past year as a volunteer
                                   Forensic Investigator in Pasco County.
                                         When you hear the clickety-click-click of our
                                   dealing machine in the office, please stop by
                                   and thank Nicci for her service as she is
                                   probably making your next set of boards.

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