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                This month’s cover shows Jeff Meckstroth receiving a
         caricature created to honor his entry into the ACBL Hall of Fame.
                                         Jeff has done a lot for bridge throughout
                                    the world. And he has done much in support
                                    of our club. We are honored to have him play
                                    here regularly when he is town.
                                         On accepting the caricature, Jeff very

                                    kindly said that our club was a “Hall of Fame”
                                         The friendliness of the club, the level of
                                    activity, the character of the players and the
                                    quality of the play all contribute to making the
               Jeff Meckstroth      club what it is.
            BRIDGE HALL of FAME         Thank you to all that make this so.

                     You will see some notes on the notice boards about the
         need for volunteers for kitchen work before and after the game and
         for general cleanup after the game. Please consider how you can
         help to keep the shiny gloss on Jeff’s “Hall of Fame” club.
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