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           Dear Jerry,
           My partner recently gave me a
           mini-lesson on a new convention
           called splinters. Is this a good
           convention and, if so, would you
           please exemplify?
           Lucy from Florida

        Dear Lucy,
               I would love to exemplify for you. This “new” convention is actually more
        than 40 years old. It’s the brainchild of Dorothy Hayden Truscott. She defined a
        splinter bid as an unusual jump to show game-forcing values, excellent support
        for partner’s last-bid suit, and at most one card in the suit in which the jump is made:

                                   Opener                   Responder
                                   ♠KQ654                    ♠AJ92
                                   ♥A7                          ♥K652
                                   ♦764                         ♦A843
                                   ♣KQ9                       ♣5

               With 26 high-card points, there are at least two losers and more likely
        three. Game is high enough. Flipflop opener’s minor-suit holdings and prospects
        are very different - ♦KQ9  ♣764.
               Still 26 HCP, yet by ruffing two clubs, 12 tricks are yours. The key is
        whether shortness is located opposite strength (bad) or weakness (good).
               Any time you intend to raise to the level of game you should do so in the
        most descriptive fashion possible.

        A Jerry-ism:
                    A Good Bid Is One That Resembles The Cards You Hold
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