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        ace-queen of spades (carefully retaining dummy’s king) preparing to claim his
        slam if both opponents followed. However when he saw East discard on the
        second trump, he refrained from returning to the king, necessarily leaving West’s
        trump outstanding.
               It might appear that declarer must lose two diamond tricks to East’s ♦ KJ,
        but enter the Dummy Reversal. At trick four declarer cashed the ace of clubs. He
        then crossed to the queen of hearts, ruffed a second club, crossed to the ace of
        hearts, ruffed a third club and cashed the king of hearts discarding a diamond.
        We have reached the four-card ending:
                                                       ♥ -
                                                           ♠’s Trump
                                ♠J                                          ♠ -
                                ♥J7                                        ♥10
                                ♦ -                                          ♦KJ7
                                ♣KQ                                       ♣J52
                                                       ♥ -
                                                       ♣ -

               Declarer exited with a diamond, West discarding a club and East beating
        the queen with the king. He next led the jack (best), but West couldn’t throw his
        last club or declarer could ruff low in dummy, cash the king of spades and table
        the master club. But when West threw his heart, declarer could ruff low in dummy
        and peacefully ruff dummy’s last club with his trump, West following. The last trick
        saw dummy’s king of spades beat West’s jack . . . 12 tricks and slam made.


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