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               My three favorite slam tools are the Jacoby 2NT, splinter bids and Roman
        Key Card Blackwood. Sometimes they all crop up on the same deal, such as this
        delightful offering from a duplicate game at my Club, shown to me by a justifiably
        excited member.                                 ♠K432
                           South Deals
                            None Vul
                                 ♠J96                                     ♠10
                                 ♥J765                                   ♥10852
                                 ♦6                                         ♦KJ873
                                 ♣KQ1084                              ♣J52
                                     West        North       East        South
                                     Pass        2NT         Pass           4♣
                                     Pass        4NT         Pass           5♠
                                     Pass        5NT        Pass            6♥
                                     Pass          6♠          Pass           Pass
          1.  Jacoby – showing a game forcing raise in partner’s spades.
          2.  Singleton (void) club in a slam-interested (ie non-minimum) hand. Splintering into a singleton
               ace is not ideal but, for me, acceptable.
          3.  Loves the short clubs opposite. 4 NT is Roman Key Card Blackwood.
          4.  Two of “five aces” (incl. ♠K); plus ♠Q.
          5.  Showing all the keycards and asking about kings for the grand slam.
          6.  Playing the Specific Kings Method, this shows ♥ K but not the cheaper ♦K [nor ♣ K, but that
               was known from the splinter].
               West led his singleton diamond and declarer, Jennings, wisely rose with
        dummy’s ace (other declarers finessed and lost a quick ruff). He crossed to the

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