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        husband to stay with Judy and Steve Zebos here. After spending one night with
        Judy and Steve, he helped clean up fallen debris and headed back to his home
        to do the same. The Zebos’ had enough wind and rain after two days with no
        power and escaped to North Carolina for a month.
                A number of people went to stay with friends and fellow bridge players
        locally. One wonderful example was that Babs and Bob Thacker and their cat
        stayed with Hazel Getman to give her support.
                There were more of those stoic individuals who were unmoved by the
        hurricane’s impending fury.  Mike and Lydia Jacobs were without power for six
         days. Mike was quick to respond to requests to play at the club during that time
        once we had power restored, but Lydia insisted on staying home with their elderly
        dog and 90 tanks of fish.
                Christine Honadle did not lose power. As a result, she ended up hosting 25
        people for several nights and served them meals. What a wonderful gift to those
        who needed help.
                Perhaps the wisest people may have consulted an Oracle from Delphi who
        foresaw the storm’s fury long before it arrived. Pam Gorbics and Michael
        Varhalamas went to Greece for five weeks and returned safely after the storm
        had passed. And there was Andrew Garnett who had arranged to do four
        seminars in Albuquerque beginning on Saturday of that fateful week. Due to
        airline cancellations he had trouble getting back to the Tampa Airport and was
        offered Dallas, Tallahassee, and Daytona Beach as a destination all the while
        worrying about the fate of his dogs and dog sitter who had been forced to evacuate
        to Ft. Pierce.
                The most unlucky member was Dar Webb. She and her husband Clint had
        to put up with Charles Gill and Carol Garnett for five days.
                Let’s hope it is a very long time before we face another hurricane like Irma.

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