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               Hurricane Irma affected many of us and our preparations and plans varied
        greatly, ranging from staying put to traveling to far corners of the world.
               Our bridge club lost power for two days, which led to a four-day hiatus
        for bridge players at the club (two days before Irma arrived and two days after.)
        Obviously attendance was affected on both sides of these four days as well.
               Interestingly, our location was a designated shelter during prior hurricane
        threats. In fact, that is how we found the Mainlands Plaza originally. I was a Red
        Cross volunteer during a hurricane in the early 2000’s and assisted those who
        evacuated to our current site which was then space leased by Calvary Chapel.
               Less fortunate was the Naples Grande Resort, which was to have been
        the site for the Southwest Florida Regional Tournament this month. Water damage
        prevents use of their space and, as a result, the tournament has been moved to
        Fort Myers and the Sanibel Harbour Marriott Resort.
               So where did some of our traveling bridge players go to ride out the
        storm? John Wharton looked at a map and decided that Greenville, Alabama
        looked like a good place to explore and off he went with wife Joanne.
               Patrick Thomas and Marlene Flament headed to Hattiesburg, Mississippi
        and ended up playing bridge there as well as in Tallahassee on the way.
               Bill Murphy set off for Orlando where his son lives and stayed at a hotel
        where he inadvertently left a large tip. He left his wallet in the room when he
        checked out. Adrienne Muslin also went to a hotel in Orlando, but was not as big
        a tipper. Adrienne’s bridge partner, Joe Angermeier went through Orlando, but
        carried on to see his son in North Carolina.
               Freida Dohrman headed off to her relatives in South Carolina and sent her

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