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               After opener starts with 1♠, if responder can announce to partner that he
        holds four-card or longer trump support, 13 or more “dummy points” and a singleton
        or void in clubs, that would certainly fit my definition of a very good bid. This is
        precisely what a splinter bid (double jump) allows you to do.

        Opener                 Responder
        1♠                        4♣ (must be Alerted)

               On the first set of hands, with the ♣KQ9 “wasted” opposite partner’s
        shortness, opener should sign off in 4♠. With opener’s minors reversed opener
        knows every HCP he holds is working in conjunction with values in responder’s
        hand. Opener should take a different view of his hand.
               The splinter may be used in a variety of situations. Each of the following
        jumps could - and in my opinion, should - be defined as a splinter raise. Each
        auction is followed by two conceivable splinter hands.

           l♣ - 1♥
                                ♠KQ4  ♥A765  ♦ -  ♣AQ8754
                                ♠A765 ♥KJ54  ♦6  ♣AKQ7
           1♥ - 2♣
           2♦ - 3♠
                                ♠4   ♥K7   ♦AQ76  ♣KJ8754
                                ♠ -   ♥54   ♦KQ765 ♣AK8653
           1♦ - 3♠
                                ♠4  ♥A J7  ♦QJ765 ♣AQ87
                                ♠ -  ♥AKQ ♦J87432 ♣K765

           1♠ - 2♥
                                ♠KQ974  ♥A765 ♦A84 ♣5
                                ♠A9765  ♥KJ954 ♦A75 ♣ -
               In each case, a splinter raise describes a hand with at least four-card
        trump support while confirming values for game opposite the minimum HCP
        partner has promised. Confusion over whether a jump is a natural bid or a splinter
        raise can bring about some awful results. You haven’t really lived until the

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